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What Is Inteyoga?

India, the birthplace of YOGA is resplendent with a multitude of Hatha yoga schools offering and promoting various styles of Hatha yoga. Though innumerable at present, there are still a sizeable number of these schools, which undoubtedly can be looked upon as the most authentic institutes, upholding the great tradition of imparting the knowledge of yoga in the centuries old gurukul environment. Apart from the Classical Hatha yoga techniques, which are a common denominator to all , every yoga school has something unique to offer. InteYoga is a scientific integration of, not only the unique Hatha yoga techniques of these most authentic yoga schools of India, but also the incorporation of Karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Mantra yoga & Bhakti yoga into it.


What is the Aim of Inteyoga ?

The aim of Inteyoga is to enable the students learn all these techniques under one roof. Anyone more than 12 years of age can follow Inteyoga module with ease and effect.

For those who not only want to inculcate but also propagate the integrated hatha yoga life style, Swami Krishnananda Yoga Vidyapeeth offers worldwide acknowledged Yoga Alliance US certified TTC 200 hrs and Advanced TTC 300 hrs courses. Enriching lives with the help of Hatha yoga, practising the Hatha yoga techniques to achieve Raja Yoga , living the principles of Swami Sivananda Ji, Swami Krishnananda ji Maharaj and fellow great Masters, is the sole aim of this neonatal Yoga Institute .


The basic principles upon which the Holistic module of Inteyoga is founded are

1. Attainment of Health – as defined by Ayurveda.
2. Nutrition – The yogic Dietstyle [ Mitahara]
3. Purification – Shatkarma [Shodhanam]
4. Stability & Rejuvenation – Asana , Mudra & Bandha [Dridhatam]
5. Harmonisation & Enerzisation – Pranayama
6. Crystallization – Pratyahara [Yoga Nidra]
7. Resolution -Dharana [Dhairyam]
8. Contemplation – Dhyana [Pratyaksham]

As the journey begins, we intend to give the best to the sincere seekers who are eager to indulge, investigate, inculcate and propagate the Raja yogic lifestyle.